As Great a Leap as Ever was Taken

I heard a song recently about stepping out in faith and trusting fully enough to experience miracles, and I was shaken to my core because I, too, want to have faith like that,

but then it hit me.

I’ve heard the song a hundred times. I have it saved in my playlist, and I belt it out on my way to work. I sing it, and I dream of making a difference or leaving a legacy.

But today I realized we are not all given the opportunity to walk on water.

Sure, we all want to go down in history as having ground shaking faith and life changing influence, but that type of sold-out living is not relegated to incredible accomplishments and glorious callings.

When I step out in faith in my life – right here, right now – I have taken as great a leap as ever was taken.

If I can walk through a really difficult situation but keep my eyes on the one walking toward me in the darkness, I will be victorious. If I can put my trust in the one who will never break it, I will be part of something greater than myself. I will find victory and power where there had only been ruin and despair.

Maybe I will never be assigned a great job to complete for the kingdom. Maybe I will never save orphans or raise millions or reach thousands.

But I will be given plenty of chances to let God’s power shine through.

Maybe I will be trusted with mental illness or relationship issues or financial burdens. Maybe I will be permitted to navigate fractured families or broken dreams or compromised health. Maybe I will be given a chance to show the world (myself most of all) that where I am weak,


Will I be able to step out on the waves and keep from going under when the world as I know it rocks and tosses me from side to side?

Will I be able to place every last doubt at the feet of my savior and step out of my hiding place? That place where I smile and pretend I’m okay while all the time my knees are shaking and my heart is breaking? Can I find a shred of confidence to take it head on, knowing that HE will sustain me against all odds, as long as I refuse to look at the storm around me?

The next time I hear this song about walking on water, I’m not going to imagine God giving me remarkable work to do in his name. I’m not going to envision myself in a foreign country or going down in history.

I’m going to try something different.

I’m going to consider every difficult circumstance in my life, the ones that lap at my heels and threaten to pull me under.

The child who doesn’t call.

The bill that looms large.

The fear that overcomes.

I will consider them, but I will not be overcome by them. I will tear my eyes from all of these and set my face toward my savior. I will envision how HE will work through each and every circumstance, if I will give them completely to him.

This could be the reason I am here in the first place, to walk on the waves without being washed away. To step out in the storm without succumbing. To leave a legacy of weakness made miraculous by his might.

So I will step out and keep stepping forward until I reach that place where the waves that made my blood run cold will warm my heart as I fall





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