I found myself somewhere spectacular

I don’t always know where I’m going, but I definitely know where I’ve been

I have been to lots of places this year. I’ve shown up to some of the same old places, like work and church and the grocery store. I’ve gotten gas and run through drive-thrus and filled prescriptions.

But a few times my routine was changed up, and I found myself somewhere spectacular.

There was the night I spent watching my daughter push her son into the world, that night when everything changed and the first member of the next generation wiggled his way into our world and our hearts.

Other times I found myself in places I didn’t want to go, like those emergency room waiting rooms where we sat on hard plastic chairs and drank coffee from paper cups while we waited for our worlds to turn right-side up again.

I can’t say I’ve been everywhere, but I have certainly run the gamut. And now, as autumn begins to close in around me with chilly nights and pitch-black mornings, I’m already wondering where life will lead me next.

I’m just glad I’m not going it alone, and that God will remember I am nothing but a blade of grass, here today and gone tomorrow.

And I hope you’ll take this journey with me, and share with me your ups and downs along the way, as God leads you down the paths meant just for you.

I am deeply grateful that you would give me a few of your minutes to share a handful of my words and let them become part of your own story today.



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