I was sitting in my favorite spot

 Another birthday has come and gone.
To celebrate, I allowed myself a few extra minutes with my Bible and a cup of strong coffee in the quiet early morning before anyone else woke up. I was sitting in my favorite spot near my faux fireplace where I could look out the window while I snuggled with my most social cat. I love my time in the morning most especially at this time of year, when the sun rises during my quiet time and turns my tired, old neighborhood into a thing of exquisite beauty.
And suddenly, as I watched the sky turn every shade of pink and gold and cast a gentle glow over the bare November trees and the pothole-filled street, it occurred to me I have been given the most wonderful birthday gift of all. The gift that has made all other birthday gifts possible.
I have been given 16,790 sunrises.
I did the math. Pretty impressive, isn’t it?

Who knows? I may get another 16,790 sunrises before my journey on this earth is over. Then again, maybe I won’t. But that is neither here nor there when you stop to think about it, because I have already been given enough sunrises to light up the Western hemisphere in an unparalleled blaze of glory.

I have been given . . .
. . . 16,790 chances to learn to walk, learn to drive, graduate from college, hold a new baby, plant a flower, eat a chocolate (!), teach my children, encourage my husband, lose the weight, gain it back, gossip with my mom, get advice from my dad, antagonize my brother, write that story, take that trip, swim in the ocean, walk in the woods, sleep in late, get up early, have coffee with a friend, wash my dishes, fold my laundry, ask for help, lend a hand, share a smile, laugh ‘til my sides hurt, cry ‘til it quits hurting, meet my neighbors, lose the battle, win the war, kiss and make up, die to self, live for Christ, grow old and wise, stay young at heart, meet that goal, and make a difference.
What a glorious, unspeakable, immeasurable gift! 
I have been given 16,790 sunrises.

And today I’ve been given another one.


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